History of Future Cities

Brook contends that the four cities were not built to celebrate their respective cultures or to build indigenous economies but rather to establish beachheads of western modernity on incongruous and otherwise backwards soils.

CP&DR Holiday Book Roundup

Over the past few years, publishers have put out enough books on urban sustainability to make Al Gore blush. Unfortunately, making a city sustainable takes a lot longer than does writing a book about making …

Breaking Down the Big Box

https://www.planetizen.com/node/35473 I originally read Big Box Swindle out of curiosity and latent disgust. I review it out of moral obligation. Author Stacy Mitchell takes aim at Walmart (neè Wal-Mart) and its fellow mega-retailers, whose transgressions …

Small Town Apocalyptic Values

In World Made by Hand, James Howard Kunstler, infamous land-use curmudgeon and caustic hero of the New Urbanist set, presages this new era with a new subgenre: he has written perhaps the world’s first work of apocalyptic utopianism.

The City as Factory

Perhaps the only urban planner ever to conduct fieldwork in stilettos, Currid slips past velvet ropes to argue in The Warhol Economy that New York City’s bounty resides not in the office tower but rather in the street, where art and creativity propel the city’s economy and distinguish it from the overgrown office parks that pass for American cities in the postindustrial age.