Sexism and the City

Leslie Kern’s new book Feminist City will likely ring familiar with women planners — and provide male planners crucial insights for making cities more welcoming and equitable for everyone

Talking Headways Podcast Episode 291: The Urban Mystique Part 1

This week we’re joined by Josh Stephens, Contributing Editor to the California Planning and Development Report about his new book The Urban Mystique. We had a long conversation about LA, the availability of bars, opposition urban commentators, and historic propositions that might need an update to stay connected to the times.

Do Black Lives Matter to Homeowners?

I can’t speak for disadvantaged communities directly, but we know that many residents are wary of development, even though housing is short tens of thousands of units in Los Angeles and millions of units across the state.

The Urban Mystique: Notes on California, Los Angeles, and Beyond

The first book from veteran urban planning journalist Josh Stephens, The Urban Mystique: Notes on California, Los Angeles, and Beyond covers everything from the minutiae of setbacks, the impacts of transit investments, the promise of smart growth and sustainability, and the precariousness of urban politics in the 21st century.

College Counseling Update 2020

I send warm greetings from Los Angeles and hope you are all healthy and safe wherever you may be. I am in the annual lull following the college application season. My students had a fantastic …