Ride-Hailing Apps Go the Extra Mile

By some accounts, Uber and Lyft, which are each operating in dozens of metro areas around the country, have only one major challenge left to overcome. It is the one that has baffled transportation planners, highway builders, soccer moms and weary executives for generations: mobility in the suburbs.

Putting Parking into Reverse

As parking requirements facilitate the use of cars, total travel increases, public transit use decreases, buildings scoot farther away from each other, density diminishes, central cities go into tailspins and sprawl increases-all of which, in turn, increases the need for more parking.

You Can’t Spell Subsidy Without B-U-S

A certain radical fringe contends that the benefits of free transit — that is, transit with a 100 percent subsidy (a la schools) — would pay for itself many times over. That might sound a little nuts, except that it’s hard to define a substantive difference between the argument in favor of fare-free transit and that in favor of toll-free roads.